Oops! No Brakes

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Oops! No Brakes is a thrilling racing game. Drive safely to the finish line. You need to always keep the direction so that the car does not fall into the water.

Introducing Oops! No Brakes

Venture into an ocean filled with platforms, where a car with no brakes awaits your control. Your objective is to guide the car towards the flag, indicating the destination. But beware, the car is always in motion at a constant speed, and there's no option to halt its movement when it encounters obstacles. Bridges act as the only pathways connecting platforms, demanding quick reactions from you to successfully cross them.

Captivating Features of Oops! No Brakes

Multiple Levels

The game's intriguing feature lies in its diverse levels. Each level is designed to test your skills and draw you into conquering them. As you progress, the challenges intensify, with faster vehicle speeds, narrower bridges, and more obstacles to overcome.

Thrilling Collectibles

Exciting surprises await you in the form of gold coins placed in perilous locations. For those seeking an extra challenge, push your limits and maneuver the car to collect coins while safely reaching your destination. Furthermore, a guiding system aids your journey, directing you towards the desired location.

Freedom of Choice

Unlike many other games, Oops! No Brakes offers the freedom to select your desired level. Simply access "Select The Level" and choose the level you wish to experience, allowing you to tackle challenges at your own pace.

Time to Conquer

Keep an eye on the timer in the corner, tracking the duration of your level completion. Record your play history to break your limits and challenge yourself for even better performances.