Powerline io

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Powerline.io is a captivating kingdom where strategic battles take place in the form of lines. Huy becomes the leader in this exciting multiplayer io game.

The Ultimate Objective

Within this unique gaming landscape, each participant takes on the role of a distinctively hued line, all commencing with equal lengths. The crux of the matter lies in your ability to nurture and extend your line's expanse, a feat mirrored by all contenders.

Claim Dominance Through Consumption

The path to triumph entails the accumulation of energy particles dispersed throughout the arena or engaging in encounters with rival lines. But how does one go about devouring adversaries? When the trajectory of another player's line intersects with yours or clashes with fellow competitors, it succumbs to diminishment, reverting into vibrant energy particles. These particles become your sustenance, empowering your line's growth. Guided by the directional cues from your arrow keys, you shall deftly manipulate your line's trajectory, orchestrating its evolution.