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Purble Place


Purble Place is a puzzle game for children that helps children develop cognitive skills, including memory, hand coordination, and problem-solving.


Purble Place is like a treasure chest of fun, featuring three mini-games that promise hours of entertainment:

Purble Pairs (Memory Game):

  • Sharpen your memory! Flip over face-down tiles to find matching pairs. The tiles showcase colorful characters and objects from the Purble Place world.
  • Adorable characters and various themes make this memory game appealing to everyone.
  • Challenge yourself as the grid size and number of tiles increase with each level.

Comfy Cakes (Baking Game)

  • Decorate cakes based on customer requests by selecting the appropriate cake shape, icing, toppings, and decorations.
  • Express your creativity and attention to detail while customizing cakes to meet specific customer requests.
  • With diverse cake designs and customer preferences, Comfy Cakes keeps players engaged and entertained.

Purble Shop (Pattern Recognition)

  • Put your pattern recognition skills to the test! Match the characters with their appropriate attire by observing the displayed patterns.
  • Enhance your attention to detail and visual discrimination skills with this game.
  • The cute characters and their outfits make Purble Shop not only enjoyable but visually charming too.

Some key features

  • Three different mini-games to play.
  • Beautiful graphics and fun music.
  • The games are designed to help children develop cognitive skills.
  • Suitable for all ages.