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Rainbow Friends


Rainbow Friends is the most popular survival horror game today. The game brings players first-person horror stories with thrilling adventures.


Rainbow Friends features two thrilling chapters, each with a unique story and series of missions.

Chapter 1: The Amusement Park Adventure

Embark on an adventure with a group of people visiting the Odd World amusement park. A misleading directional sign leads them off the path, and they find themselves kidnapped by monsters and taken to a mysterious facility. Your mission is to survive five nights at this facility by harvesting the required items while avoiding active monsters. Completing this chapter leads you back to the safe room.

Chapter 2: The Technician's Evil Plan

After a brief rest in the safe room, you face a new challenge. In the second chapter, a technician plans to destroy the park with bombs. Your task is to gather the necessary items to thwart the evil plan and escape from Cyan. Witness Blue sleeping in his chair at the chapter's end. Excitingly, the developer is working on Chapter 3, promising more adventures and a new story.



Found in Rainbow Friends Chapter 2, Cyan is a female monster resembling Dipocaulus. With a long tail and no arms, Cyan roams the area searching for you. When you hear loud stomping, she's on the move. Hide in a box until she goes away, and remember not to make noise.


This character looks like a flying pterosaur with two eyes and wings for arms. Yellow, like Blue, is on the lookout for you. If caught, he'll carry you to his nest. Escape his claws and find a safe spot. The Ferris wheel is not safe. Yellow won't chase you after a successful escape but will wander to find you.


The first monster to attack you, Blue, has sensitive hearing. Noises like popping balloons attract him. Hide in a box, and if a red exclamation point appears, Blue has spotted you - run! Blue's speed is slower than yours, so escape to make him stop chasing.


With long hands and one eye, Green moves along designated routes and doesn't actively chase. Noises don't catch its attention. When you hear squeaking or confetti sounds, hide in a room. If Blue and Green appear together, hide or run. Avoid going under Green's raised arm to stay safe.


This character has super long arms and glowing eyes. Run in the opposite direction when you hear footsteps. If caught, hop onto a rock to avoid getting caught. Purple's goal is to jump-scare you, so don't worry too much. Hiding in a box won't fool him, crouch and move around the lair to avoid detection. In vents, stay away from water to dodge jumpscares.

Some pro tips to help you survive and thrive

Be observant

Keep your eyes wide open and pay attention to your surroundings. Look for environmental cues, enemy patterns, and hidden objects that might aid you in your quest. Rainbow Friends often provides subtle hints and clues to help you solve puzzles or find collectibles. When searching for objects, be observant of your surroundings to avoid getting lost. Being attentive to details will give you an edge and unlock new opportunities for success.

Adapt and learn from mistakes

Rainbow Friends is full of challenging and unpredictable situations. Embrace the learning process and be ready to adapt your strategies when faced with obstacles or setbacks. Don't be disheartened by setbacks, rather, see them as chances to grow. Analyze what went wrong, adjust your approach, and approach the game with persistence, adaptability, and a growth mindset. Learning from mistakes is a crucial step toward improving your gameplay and achieving victory.

Understand each character

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the diverse range of characters in Rainbow Friends, each with unique abilities and traits. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each character is key to making optimal decisions during gameplay. For example, Yellow can fly but has weak claws, Green is blind, and Blue is sensitive to noise. Understanding these traits will help you navigate puzzles, obstacles, and combat encounters effectively. Whether you're sneaking past monsters or engaging in strategic maneuvers, knowing your foes is half the battle. Also you can play other horror games like Squid Game. The game gives players surprisingly scary levels and players need to try to complete them without being discovered by the doll.