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Relic Splatter


Embark on an Enigmatic Journey in Relic Splatter

Relic Splatter is a game about expeditions. You need to find the mysterious temple, recover three gems, and locate the ancient cups to open the escape gate.

In this thrilling game, you assume the role of Rebecca Ciler, a fearless treasure hunter employed by Relic Splatter Inc. Your quest leads you to the fabled temple of Tonatiuh, an Aztec deity associated with the sun. Legend has it that this temple conceals an abundance of priceless treasures. However, be forewarned, for within these hallowed halls lie treacherous perils such as spike traps, scuttling rats, airborne turtles, and formidable monsters. Exercise caution as you traverse these perilous paths.

Armed with two formidable weapons a trusty machine gun and a devastating bazooka, you can fend off the temple's lurking monsters and even demolish obstructive walls. Should you wish to take to the skies, aim your weapon at the ground and unleash a continuous barrage. When your ammunition runs dry, dive into the rivers for a quick recharge. The pink river rejuvenates your machine gun, while the green river replenishes your bazooka.

Your objective is to secure a yellow gem, a red gem, a cup, and a crown, unlocking the elusive exit portal. This daring quest spans eight challenging levels. Demonstrate your mettle by conquering each level and ultimately triumphing over the temple's secrets.


  • Left mouse button: Fire your weapon.
  • Arrow keys: Navigate through the temple's labyrinthine corridors.
  • Enter key: Access doors that lead deeper into the temple.