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Rogue Sky


Rogue Sky is a challenging rogue-lite non-action and shooting game. Players will have to control the plane to destroy enemies and gain survival.

How to play Rogue Sky?

Players control a fighter plane that moves through randomly generated levels, destroying enemies and collecting items to upgrade their power. Each level has increasing difficulty, requiring players to use flexible skills and strategies to pass. When destroyed, the player will lose all money and items, forcing them to start over. However, some special items can be saved for the next playthrough.

A good tip for you

  • Items can help you upgrade your plane, increase your strength, or restore your health. Be careful to collect all the items you see.
  • Each plane has its own special skill. Use this skill appropriately to create an advantage in combat.
  • There are many dangerous obstacles, such as rocks, lasers, and missiles. Be careful to avoid these obstacles to avoid losing blood.
  • Each type of enemy has its own weaknesses. Learn how to exploit your enemies' weaknesses to destroy them with ease.
  • In addition to upgrading your plane, you can also upgrade yourself by collecting experience points. Upgrading yourself will help you increase your ability to survive and win in the game.
  • There are many instructional videos on YouTube on how to play Rogue Sky. Watch these videos to learn more from other players.