Rolling Ball

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Rolling Ball Challenge

Rolling Ball is a game that awakens your ingenuity. Dribbling the ball down a dangerous path, the slightest mistake could send it flying into the air.

Treacherous Terrain

Navigate the ball through a path riddled with obstacles, its width posing an added challenge. A single misstep restarts the level, with unlimited time allowing for a strategic and measured approach. Seize the opportunity to test your agility and dexterity on this dangerous journey.

User-Friendly Controls

Master the intuitive controls using arrow keys to propel the ball forward, roll it back, or shift left and right. Fluidly combine these movements to conquer the game. Rolling Ball exemplifies simplicity in control, akin to other games with straightforward mechanics.

Guide the Ball to Victory

Embark on a journey through diverse levels, each presenting unique challenges. Obstacles may shift, and gaps may divide the path, demanding your skillful navigation to guide the ball to its destination.

Breaking Barriers

Encounter obstructive boxes along the route? Channel the ball's momentum to knock them over. Swiftly break down barriers, or risk being sent airborne if they resist.

Key Collection

Every path features a key. Skillfully guide the ball through them, unlocking the destination to progress through a level. Some levels introduce checkpoints, ensuring that if the ball takes flight, you can resume the journey from the last checkpoint.