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What makes it so appealing?

Seterra is an educational game that helps players learn about geography. The player will be given a map and questions regarding any other geographical features. Players can choose to play on different themes, such as world geography, continental geography, or specific country geography. The online version of Seterra, developed by GeoGuessr in 2016, stands out as a captivating puzzle game, consistently ranking among the top online games with over 90,000 monthly players.

Diverse Geography and Language Options

Players can explore countries from various territories, with an option to choose from 40+ languages, making Seterra accessible and enjoyable worldwide.

Comprehensive Quizzes

Seterra goes beyond traditional map quizzes, incorporating questions about flags, lakes, islands, cities, and landmarks. This variety keeps the game engaging and educational.

User-Friendly Gameplay

Simple controls and a friendly yellow cat guide make Seterra suitable for players of all ages. Clicking on the correct answer is all it takes to navigate through the game.

Distinctive Graphics

While not flashy, Seterra's graphics, featuring a roaming yellow cat, leave a lasting impression on players, showcasing GeoGuessr's knack for creating iconic images.

What is the quiz about?

Endless Map Puzzles

The game covers regions like North & Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia & Oceania, providing players with an endless array of map puzzles.

Prominent Destinations

Seterra highlights key locations worldwide, allowing players to delve into countries like Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, and Australia, among many others.

Specific Countries and Regions

Players can choose specific countries or regions to test their knowledge, from Southeast Asia to the Middle East, fostering a deeper understanding of global geography.

World Map Quizzes

Seterra offers diverse world map quizzes, ranging from Parts of the World to G20 Member Countries, catering to players interested in specific global elements and countries.