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Sift Renegade Brawl


Sift Renegade Brawl is a fighting game between stickman clans. You need to avenge your girlfriend's death. Use the katana sword to destroy them all.

Ryu avenges his girlfriend

In a world full of revenge and clan conflicts. Fierce battles between stickman master samurais are common. You used to enjoy peace next to your beloved girlfriend. However, an earthquake took the life of the girl you loved. It's time for Ryu to set out and avenge his lover's unjust death. Put forth your best effort to eliminate each and every one of those wretched stick figures who stole your one true love.


  • WASD = Move / Jump / Block
  • Mouse = Attack

Ryu's mission

The main objective of this outstanding game is to avenge Ryu's girlfriend. Faced with a dangerous mission and countless obstacles, Ryu must use his katana to defeat all enemies. Perform breathtaking combos to destroy enemies in style. As you progress through the game's diverse levels, you'll have the opportunity to accumulate many trophies and increase your score by replaying each level if needed. Navigate through each challenging level, employ your razor-sharp blade to dispatch all assailants before they bring you down. Enhance your character's abilities to achieve an unstoppable prowess, and be vigilant in blocking your adversaries' assaults, lest you meet an untimely demise.