Skate Hooligans

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Master your path

Skate Hooligans is a fun racing game. You will play as a mischievous boy who is being chased by a police officer. Try to avoid the obstacles on the way.

It all starts when the boy kicks a ball into a glass window, shattering it and drawing the attention of a vigilant police officer. Now, you must guide the boy through a train station filled with traps, barriers, and incoming trains. The character runs automatically, and you must skillfully navigate him through the obstacles. Use the up arrow to jump over barriers and the left or right arrows to avoid obstacles. One wrong move and the boy gets caught by the policeman.

Avoid the obstacles on the way

Avoid hitting any objects, or the boy's escape will come to an abrupt halt. Keep your reflexes sharp and act quickly to dodge every obstacle in your path. While running, keep an eye out for enticing items scattered along the road. Collect as many coins as possible to unlock new characters, support items, and actions in the shop. Additionally, you'll find helpful items such as magnets and boots, which can aid your escape and make your journey more exciting.