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Skibidi Toilet


Skibidi Toilet is a third-person shooter. You will control the character to fight against the toilet using a variety of weapons to destroy the toilet and win.

Gameplay Basics

  • The game unfolds in various levels, each presenting unique objectives and challenges. Players face off against giant Skibidi Toilets armed with three different weapons. The standard gun offers moderate damage, range, and ammo, while the strong gun delivers powerful short bursts. The third gun, with limited range but high damage, becomes crucial as the game progresses and more enemies swarm the city.
  • Players aren't alone in this fight, they have valuable allies in the form of Cameramen. These humanoid creatures with camera-like heads can hold their own against Skibidi Toilets. Players can support their allies by strategically shooting enemies while their attention is on the Cameramen. Cash earned from defeating enemies can be used to upgrade weapons or recruit additional Cameramen. In addition, you can play other thrilling games like Shell Shockers. You will also use combat weapons to destroy other eggs to survive as long as possible.

Instructions on how to play and win


Use the WASD keys to move, the spacebar to jump, and the mouse to aim and shoot. The right mouse button helps improve accuracy, while the number keys (1, 2, 3) switch between weapons. Players can acquire new guns or recruit more Cameramen at the beginning of each level using the cash earned.


The objective is clear: defeat the required number of Skibidi Toilets to win each level. Players lose when their health bar runs out. Toilets can cause damage if they get too close, but defeating them may yield health-restoring items.

Tips and Tricks

Players can employ smart strategies. Running with Cameramen can distract enemies, allowing players to take down toilets without being attacked directly. Additionally, maintaining distance from Skibidi Toilets while shooting ensures players' safety. Collecting health-restoring items left behind by defeated enemies can prove essential for survival.