Smarty Bubbles

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Smarty Bubbles is a colorful bubble shooter game. Select balls of the same color to shoot. Try to get the highest score possible while playing.

Spectacular Visuals

Embark on an enthralling visual journey with the aid of this arcade sensation's mesmerizing graphics, adorned with an array of vibrant bubbles. Behold shades of yellow, blue, red, and purple, among others, contribute to a rich tapestry of colors in Smarty Bubbles. Moreover, the visual experience extends to 3D graphics, rendering bubbles with lifelike authenticity and dynamic perspectives.

Effortless Achievement Monitoring

To facilitate player progress tracking, this online marvel furnishes an informative data table, featuring pivotal parameters such as bubbles cleared, games played, games won, fewest shots taken, and cumulative playtime. Stay informed and chart your success through these detailed statistics.

Control Instructions

Harness your mastery over the game by employing your MOUSE to finely aim your shots. Execute your strategy with a swift click, launching bubbles toward their designated targets with calculated precision.