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Smash Karts


The thrilling gameplay of Smash Karts

Smash Karts is an exciting multiplayer 3D kart racing game. Players take the position of driving go-karts equipped with a variety of weapons to win. Players will be put in the position of driving karts equipped with weapons, rushing into high-speed races on challenging tracks. The game has many different types of karts with many unique features. Players can upgrade their karts to improve performance and competitiveness. Players can unlock new karts by earning money or completing missions. In addition, the game also provides a lot of weapons such as missiles, bombs, traps, and shields. Players can pick up weapons on the track to use to attack and destroy other players' cars.


  • Players will face off against each other in chaotic kart battles, using weapons and skills to take down their opponents and reach the finish line first.
  • The game has many different game modes, including standard racing, death arena, and item collecting.
  • Players can race on a variety of maps, each with a unique design and layout.
  • Players can upgrade their karts and outfits to increase their performance and express their personality.
  • The game supports online multiplayer, allowing you to race against friends or players from around the world.