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Experience the Challenge of Sokoban

Sokoban is an engaging puzzle game that will challenge your strategy skills. Push the boxes to the designated green points skillfully and carefully. These boxes are quite heavy, and our character can only push them on the floor of the intricate maze. Your assistance is crucial. Remember, the maze is surrounded by four walls, so be mindful not to place the boxes too close to the edges, as it may lead to getting stuck. Fear not though! You always have the option to replay the level and learn from your mistakes. Each attempt will provide valuable experience, allowing you to devise a successful strategy to conquer the challenge.


Controlling the game is simple. Just use the arrow keys to navigate and push the boxes towards their destinations. With a total of 60 levels to conquer, you will become well-versed in the art of Sokoban.

How to play Sokoban

Playing Sokoban requires patience and perseverance. While the initial levels may seem relatively easy, the difficulty ramps up as you progress. Brace yourself for intricate mazes filled with numerous obstacles and blockades. Your mission is to maneuver two boxes to their respective green points. As you successfully position the boxes, they will turn green, indicating your progress. However, remember that their status is temporary, and you must continue to strategize and move them wisely.