Space Battleship Orion

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About Space Battleship Orion

Space Battleship Orion takes you into the intense battle between spaceships. In this game, you need to control your spaceship and destroy the oncoming enemies. Online games revolving around warfare always generate excitement, and Space Battleship Orion is no exception. Engage in fierce space battles as you single-handedly combat an army of warships. It may sound unbelievable, but that's the reality of this game. Your trusty warship will be your loyal companion as you unleash devastation upon your enemies. Get ready to unleash an onslaught!

Attractive gameplay of Space Battleship Orion

Navigating Your Warship

Utilize your mouse to control and maneuver your spaceship in this game. If you have experience in aerial battles, you'll quickly grasp the controls. Skillfully move your ship to take aim at enemy targets. Your spaceship will automatically fire bullets, leaving you to focus solely on its movements.

Collecting Items and Engaging Enemy Spaceships

As you traverse space, you'll encounter numerous enemy warships. Set your sights on them and unleash your firepower. Don't overlook the valuable items scattered throughout the universe, as they provide points and aid. For instance, capturing a shield will protect you from accidents and enemy projectiles.