Super Megabot Adventure

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About Super Megabot Adventure

Super Megabot Adventure is a 2D shooting game that gives you thrilling adventures. Upgrade weapons and unlock many attractive features of the game.

Upgrade Your Arsenal

Enhance your gaming experience by upgrading your weapons and unlocking even mightier robots. As you progress, the intensity of the action escalates, promising non-stop thrills.

Ideal for Action Lovers

If you're a fan of classic games like Contra and Metal Slug, Super Megabot Adventure will undoubtedly captivate you. With its high-energy gameplay and compelling narratives, this game is tailor-made for action enthusiasts.

Exciting Game Features

  • Control the robot with ease
  • Unlock a variety of weapons with limited or unlimited ammo
  • Discover and utilize numerous robots with unique abilities

Master Your Skills with Insider Tips

  • Prioritize upgrading the shotgun for added power
  • Opt for the motor robot over the initial autobots
  • Acquire and equip useful skills to enhance your performance

Easy Controls

  • On PC: Jump with W, move left with A, move right with D, and change weapons using QE.
  • On mobile devices: Tap buttons on the screen for seamless control.