Tasty Planet

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Tasty Planet is a game for people who have an insatiable appetite for consuming everything smaller than itself. Transform into Goo and eat what you want.

Exploring Tasty Planet

Step into the world of Tasty Planet, an engaging game that allows you to savor various objects. Live out your fantasy of devouring the entire world as you delve into this captivating gameplay. While the concept mimics real-life growth by getting larger with each consumption, rest assured that this is a digital realm, far removed from reality.

Selecting Levels

Upon entering Tasty Planet, you'll find a main screen showcasing 10 distinctive levels, each adorned with its unique avatar.

Unveiling the Levels' Essence

Every level is a stage in Gray Goo's evolutionary journey. Gray Goo's growth unfolds in incremental stages, marked by varying sizes. Consequently, each level presents a different array of targets for Goo to feast upon. This progression is vividly captured by the individual avatars associated with each level. Commencing with candies, Goo's gastronomic conquest advances to animals, cars, houses, and eventually even planets. With Goo's expansion comes a broader spectrum of potential targets.

Conquering Tasty Planet's Challenges

To successfully navigate the levels, you must first grasp the mechanics of controlling Goo. Employ the ARROW KEYS to guide Gray Goo toward its intended targets. Upon reaching them, Goo will automatically commence its feeding frenzy within its absorption radius. Your experience points will escalate with each object devoured. Accumulate enough experience points to unlock new levels and progress in the game. Bear in mind that unlocking new levels is contingent upon completing the preceding ones.