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Temple of Boom


Defeat evil monsters in the Temple of Boom


Fight evil monsters and spiders on your journey to conquer the Temple of Boom through ancient temples with your friends. Cooperate with your friends to win. You have the opportunity to join this adventure with your companions and confront the spiders and monsters that await. However, it takes a great deal of courage to participate in this expedition. The temple has been abandoned for centuries and, as with most ancient places, it is believed to harbor evil creatures. The Temple of Boom is no exception. Within its walls, there are numerous frightening green monsters. Unfortunately, your arrival has awoken them from their slumber, and they are now determined to attack you. But don't worry too much, as you are armed with a gun that can keep you safe. However, the monsters are also armed and numerous, resulting in a fierce battle between the two sides.

The game aims to create more relaxing moments with friends. As such, the game offers single-player and two-player modes, allowing players to have a companion in their battle for survival. To ensure that both players can safely navigate through the monsters, remember how to control the characters and use the gun proficiently. By mastering these skills, players can effectively work together to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious. If you love shooting games, come to Shell Shockers to participate in super special egg-shooting battles full of exciting experiences.

How to control

In single-player mode, the arrow keys (up, left, right) are used to move the character. The down arrow is used to pick up weapons, and Z is used to shoot. X is used to swap between weapons.

In two-player mode, Player 1 uses the W, A, and D keys to move their character. They can pick up weapons using the S key, shoot using the C key, and swap weapons using the V key.

Player 2 uses the arrow keys (up, left, right) to move their character. They can pick up weapons using the down arrow, shoot using the K key, and swap weapons using the L key.

Game modes of Temple of Boom

Both single-player and two-player modes offer the choice between Endless and Campaign. In Campaign mode, players must battle evil creatures across three temples and destroy them at each level. On the other hand, Endless mode challenges players to survive in a never-ending battle, destroying everything in their path. The monsters are quick to run away when shot at and can attack stealthily when least expected. Therefore, it is important to continuously run on the platforms and be ready to shoot them at any moment. Keep an eye out for treasure chests that contain more powerful weapons to aid in your mission. Working together with your friends is key to succeeding in the game and having a great time.