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Test your eye and hand reflexes while playing Timberman. Dodge the overhead trees as they will end the game. Time is limited if you don't catch it fast.

Show your ingenuity when chopping wood

This game embodies the essence of the old-school arcade style casual game. You'll play as a Timberman and wield your trusty ax as you chop wood while deftly navigating dangerous branches. You will experience a variety of different fascinating environments and it is random. Each environment presents its own unique variables. During your journey, unlock an impressive roster of 104 lumberjacks, showcase your progress and dedication. Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards as you strive to master your skills and achieve the highest records.

Guide to play Timberman

Your mission

Your mission is simple: cut down trees, exchange wood for gold, expand your territory by buying pieces of land and discover exciting new islands. As you progress you will generate passive income, allow you to buy new axes and unlock super awesome epic character packs through randomization!

The ability to react quickly

As a skilled lumberjack, you'll race against time to cut down an endless tree. Thinking fast is important to avoid branches, your biggest enemy. Will you chop left or chop right? Every decision counts and a split-second timing is essential. Prove your worth, surpass your opponents and become the ultimate Timberman.

Attractive Features of Timberman

Countless characters and various plants

The game offers a variety of characters, a variety of plants, and loads of fun cutting. Choose from dozens of unique characters, each with their own distinct style. From ninjas and ghosts to fires and angels, the possibilities are endless. Explore a variety of environments, including jungle, wild west, circus, and even hell.

Unlock more characters and trees

While your free hack and slash action adventure, you'll unlock tons of different characters and trees. Each presents a unique quest that you must complete, adding depth and excitement to your journey.