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Attractive gameplay of Towerlands

Defend your castle, expand your kingdom and dominate your enemies in the Towerlands. The game is a combination of Tower Defense and an extremely attractive RPG. You can immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world and take on the role of a Lord tasked with defending your fortress from enemy attacks while also expanding your territory.

Construct a diverse array of buildings within your city to train your army and equip them with superior weapons. Upgrade your Tower to fortify your stronghold against bandit raids and monster invasions. Recruit and train new warriors to bolster your ranks and ascend to the top of the leaderboard. Strategize your approach to battles, seize control of enemy cities, castles, and caravans, and earn more gold. Create or join a Clan to enjoy playing with friends, compete against other Clans, and gain additional gold and resources.

Safeguard your stronghold

As you delve into this game, you'll be transported to a fantastical realm where you assume the role of a castle lord. Your primary responsibility is to safeguard your stronghold from any invading forces while also expanding your kingdom. Your throne must be defended at all costs!

Construct a thriving city to enhance your military's proficiency and stockpile an arsenal of weapons. To fortify your castle against marauders, Orcs, and the undead, it's essential to construct a grander tower.