Traitor Among Us: Impostor vs Noob

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About Traitor Among Us: Impostor Vs Noob

Traitor Among Us: Impostor Vs Noob is an attractive shooting game. You will control the impostor to eliminate the opponent. Use guns to perform missions. You will play as an ally of the Impostor and face off against your rival, Noob. Wield your pistol and take down all the enemies that come your way to progress through different levels and challenges.

Easy play guide

To play the game, simply use your computer mouse as a virtual binocular to aim at your targets and click to shoot. The best part is that you have unlimited ammo, so no need to worry about running out or reloading during intense battles.

Additionally, the game introduces various items to enhance your combat effectiveness. Exploding TNT crates can deal damage to multiple nearby enemies, shooting at walls can bounce bullets back at your foes, and targeting latches will unlock doors for strategic advancement.