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Undertale Yellow


Learn about Undertale Yellow

Undertale Yellow is a role-playing game in the adventure genre. The game is a prequel to Undertale, set before Frisk arrives in the Underground.


The game revolves around the story of Clover, a young soldier of the Royal Guard. Clover is assigned to investigate a mysterious incident that occurred at Waterfall. During the investigation, Clover meets many new characters and discovers dark secrets about the Underground.

The gameplay

The gameplay of Undertale Yellow is similar to that of Undertale, featuring turn-based combat and the Fight-Spare system. However, it also introduces new elements such as new puzzles and challenges that require players to use their creativity and problem-solving skills. The combat system has been enhanced with improved mechanics and new enemy types. Additionally, players will get to explore unique areas and environments, providing a fresh perspective on the Underground.


  • Press [Z] to confirm.
  • Press [X] to cancel.
  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move your SOUL.
  • Press the Green flag to RESET.
  • If your HP reaches 0, you lose.

The characters

New Friends

  • Clover: Our brave and curious hero! Unlike Frisk, Clover has special talents that help them on their journey.
  • Dalv: A mysterious friend who guides Clover through the Underground. Who is Dalv, and what secrets do they hold?
  • Ceroba: A strong and loyal monster warrior, Ceroba helps Clover face the dangers of the Underground.
  • Starlo: This bright and cheerful monster child becomes Clover's friend, reminding them of kindness even in difficult times.
  • Martlet: A bit shy and nervous, Martlet is a helpful bird monster who shares their knowledge of the Underground with Clover.
  • Micro Froggit: Don't let their size fool you! This tiny frog monster is full of courage and optimism, adding a touch of joy to the adventure.

Familiar Faces

  • Flowey: The mischievous flower is back! What role will they play in this new story?
  • Toriel: The caring goat monster welcomes Clover, but Toriel carries secrets from the past.
  • The Skeletons: Get ready for some laughs and thought-provoking moments with the return of the skeletal brothers!