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What The Hen!


What The Hen! is a funny and exciting strategy game that combines elements of collectible card games and tower defense. Participate in challenging 1vs1 battles.

Game description

In this game, you will summon your heroes and participate in battles. Upgrade each soldier into an IMBA hero through upgrades and evolution. Win challenging bosses and conquer the campaign adventure. Engage in intense 1-on-1 tactical battles against countless summoners in the PVP arena. Collect over 60 soldiers, team up with friends, and conquer the magical world of Zoom! Defeat your opponents or be defeated, depending on how you play.

How to win the match

Fierce battle

You will need to assemble a powerful army of warriors, each with their own strengths. You must level up your warriors to unleash their full potential. The cards in your deck represent these warriors, and each card has a level requirement. Plan your strategy carefully to ensure victory!

Summon your warriors

You will have access to a variety of cards featuring different warriors. Use these cards to summon warriors to the battlefield. As long as you have enough levels, you can summon as many warriors as you want to defeat your enemies.

Strategic squad position

Place your powerful warriors with high stamina on the front lines to directly confront the enemy. Place ranged warriors behind them, and protect them with warriors with good stamina. Archers may have low stamina, so keep them safe from harm. After each level, you will receive new warriors - carefully evaluate their abilities and position them strategically.

Increase your warrior's strength

Victory brings rewards! After each battle, you will receive upgrade cards for your warriors. Collect enough of these cards and you can use gold to level up your warriors, increasing their speed and strength. With each upgrade, your warriors become more formidable on the battlefield.