Witch's House Halloween Puzzles

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Take your time to enjoy the Witch's House Halloween Quiz and have fun solving nine spooky puzzles about the witch's house. Complete the challenges now!

Put together Halloween-themed puzzles!

Explore the spooky neighborhood to find the homes of witches and magicians, all decorated with pumpkins and magic for Halloween. Meet witches with pet owls and bats, and witness their potion brewing. Complete festive puzzles to visit each witch, then try the Witch's House Halloween Puzzle game for girls. Puzzle games are always fun, but add a touch of Halloween magic and you get Witch's House Halloween Puzzles! Explore the creepy yet festive abodes of witches and magicians as you solve puzzles and uncover the mysteries of their spooky celebrations.

Play now and get into the Halloween spirit!

You get to solve a total of nine puzzles, each featuring a different room of the witch's spooky house. Unlock each puzzle by solving the one before it and use the mouse to pick and place puzzle pieces over the transparent image to complete the picture.

Be quick as each puzzle is timed, and prove your skills to be the best at solving puzzles. Use your mouse to drag and drop puzzle pieces in their proper place.