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Bacon May Die


Show off your pig-killing skills in Bacon May Die


In Bacon May Die, you have to fight against other pigs. Control your pig to defeat them to regain life. Use high-damage weapons to kill as many pigs as you can! Zombie pigs and rabbits always crave smoked peacock meat always stalking you everywhere. They constantly want to attack you and you need to use all your skills to attack them in the most ruthless way. Destroy them all with epic hits. In addition, you can also join Temple of Boom to experience an extremely attractive shooting skill game. Kill the monsters and find the escape route to complete the mission in this thrilling game. If you find our games good, check out more games at House of Hazards to stay up to date with the latest and greatest games every day.

How to play

The gameplay is quite simple, you do not need to control your character, just adjust the direction you want to go and it will automatically go. You will have the most blood, if you run out of health, the game will end. Use the arrow keys to attack the enemy, press multiple and fast the power of the combo attack is stronger. Destroy them all to win.

Kill as many enemies as you can, collect coins, and buy the best weapons to equip your next battle. There are guns, bombs, and axes, .... You can also decorate your character with accessories such as hats, glasses, rings, beards, and pants...Also, use potions to increase strength. you can only use them when you unlock them.

Game mode in Bacon May Die

The game has two game modes that are melee attack mode and ranged attack mode. During melee attack mode, the players wield a baseball bat to fend off enemy pigs and bone throwers. Whereas, in ranged attack mode, they can opt for long-range weapons such as a shotgun to eliminate foes from afar. As you advance through the levels, you'll gain access to additional weapons such as a chicken that can be hurled at your adversaries.