Paper.io 2

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Paper.io 2 is an online multiplayer strategy game. Join the game and capture new territories from other players. Strategize wisely and dominate this universe.

Your target

  • Your goal in this game is to expand your area and occupy as many squares as possible. When playing this game you will need to combine both agility and intelligence to be able to conquer many territories from other players. You will not be able to do that easily because you will also have your territory invaded by other players. You need to know how to take advantage of good opportunities to defeat your opponents and take possession of new lands for yourself.
  • You can choose game modes such as Teams, Small Map, Classic, Fast Speed,... and many other interesting modes for you to choose from. When starting the battle remember to register your name in the game. Who knows, you may have the highest score in the match and join the rankings of those with the highest scores.

How to control a piece of paper

You will control a small paper shape to draw your territory. Use the mouse flexibly to draw territory contiguously and avoid gaps so that your territory is more connected and solid whenever someone else wants to invade. You can rush into other people's playgrounds extremely freely without any problem. Move the mouse flexibly around and don't let the small pieces of paper you draw overlap each other, this will cause you to end the game sooner than planned. In addition, you can play a few other games like Hole.io to have similar gameplay and register yourself in the rankings every day.