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Description of

Swallow the city at your fingertips! Swallow everything in your way and dominate the leaderboards in Be the leader in the leaderboard of this game!

Grow in size by devouring everything in your path, from small objects like cones and streetlights to entire buildings and even people! But be warned, other players are also competing to become the biggest and baddest black hole in the game. You can either hunt them down to increase your size or be hunted yourself if you're not careful. With strategy and skill, you can climb to the top of the leaderboard and dominate the game as the ultimate predator. Players have the option of playing on two maps: the city map and the rural map. The city map includes recognizable urban features such as office buildings, housing complexes, parking lots, and parks. Players who are familiar with city environments will find it easier to navigate through the city map. There are a few games you can refer to such as Temple Run 2, Swingo and Zombie Tsunami Online. Hope you will love these interesting games.

The guidelines for playing

Your objective

Your objective is to move your hole around and swallow various objects to increase your size. The more people and items you consume, the larger your hole will become. However, you should be careful in the early stages and only consume items that are suitable for your size. Start by devouring small objects like shrubs and columns, then move on to larger ones like cars and buildings. If you come across a smaller black hole, you can consume it for more points. But if you encounter a larger hole, it's best to run away to avoid being devoured yourself. You control the movement of your black hole using the mouse. As you navigate the map, you will encounter various objects and people. To consume them, you must position your hole strategically and wait for them to fall in.

Tip and trick

At the start of the game, it's advisable to choose a densely populated area with few competitors to maximize your growth potential. Begin by devouring smaller objects to increase the size of your hole. As your size increases, you can venture into riskier areas and target bigger objects to consume.

In the initial phases of the game, your hole's size is quite small, so you need to move slowly to be able to swallow people. Once you have increased your size, you can easily eat bigger items without any difficulty.