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Temple Run 2


Conquer every race in Temple Run 2


Run, jump and slide over dangerous obstacles in Temple Run 2! Level up your character to become the ultimate adventurer in this endless running game. Just like Electron Dash, the genre of running games has consistently attracted a vast audience of players, offering a thrilling sense of stimulation and accomplishment. The player finds themselves trapped inside an ancient temple inhabited by apes who become hostile upon their arrival. To survive, you must sprint through the temple's treacherous paths while evading the pursuing apes.

As an ancient temple, many parts of the structure have crumbled, presenting obstacles to the player's movement. Broken tiles make footing precarious, while damaged roads force the player to frequently switch lanes. Even the temple's intact architecture poses a considerable challenge, with dark caves threatening to ensnare the player, and fire-breathing dragons causing harm. Moreover, the winding paths of the moving terrain demand swift changes of direction, or else the player will plummet over a cliff.

The player's objective

The player's objective is to escape the hostile apes by employing various maneuvers, such as swinging and sliding, while skillfully avoiding obstacles. Endurance is a crucial element in this game, as the player must maintain a swift pace to outrun the pursuing apes. The path to escape is fraught with obstacles that demand quick reflexes and careful planning. With determination and skill, the player must overcome these hurdles and successfully flee the ancient temple.

Main function in Temple Run 2

Shield Duration

This is a valuable function in the game that enhances the character's ability to withstand obstacles. As the player collects coins during gameplay, they can upgrade this function to a maximum of level 5, resulting in the best possible stamina. With increased Shield Duration, the player can run for longer periods without being affected by obstacles, allowing them to progress further in the game.

The Coin Magnet

This is a useful tool that attracts more coins during gameplay. By upgrading this function to level 5, the player can maximize their ability to collect coins, making it easier to level up their character and acquire other abilities. Coin Magnet is similar to Shield Duration in that it can be upgraded to level 5, providing the player with the best possible advantage during gameplay. With Coin Magnet, the player can quickly accumulate a large number of coins, allowing them to unlock new characters and power-ups.

The Boost Distance

This is a valuable tool that can increase the player's achievements. At level 1, this function adds 50 meters to the player's achievement, but it can be upgraded for greater benefits. As the player progresses through the game and collects more coins, they can upgrade the Boost Distance function, adding even more meters to their achievements. By increasing their Boost Distance, the player can surpass their previous records, achieving greater success in the game.