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Smash Glass


Introducing the game Smash Glass

Smash Glass is a video game in the glass smashing genre. In it, you need to use a ball to smash glass pieces. You smash as many glasses as possible. In this game, you will explore up to 100 exciting levels with many different challenges. The higher the level, the more difficult the challenges will be. How many levels will you pass in this game?

How to play Smash Glass?

How to use the ball

To start the game, you need to drop the balls onto the glass to break the glass and make everything fall out. Use the ball to push the glass drinks to the ground and make them break. Your goal is to smash so much glass that it breaks.

At each level, you will have four balls with four different colors. If you use all the balls and still haven't broken all the glasses, you need to press the button in the upper right corner of the screen to return to that level and play again.

Tips to break a glass

  • You need to find every way and angle to be able to throw the ball accurately into the glass. After completing each level you will receive a maximum of three stars. You need to pass each level in turn to unlock the next levels. Each level increases in difficulty, so you need to use your intelligence to overcome challenges.
  • If you use more balls, the number of stars will decrease. If you use all the balls, you will not receive any stars. If you want to get enough stars then you should use a ball and make all the glasses break.
  • There are some glasses of water placed in difficult positions that are difficult for your ball to reach. At this point, you need to try many different ways to reach the glass of water. For example, you can use other balls to fall on top of each other to create a bounce and the ball will reach the glass of water. Or you can use the height of the wooden bars to create a bounce for the ball so it can reach the glass of water. There are also many other ways that you need to explore more and learn your own lessons. Additionally, you can play Towerlands to expand your kingdom and dominate large territories.